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The Three Step Almighty.Process

1. Configure keyword or domain-based presets to get instant email notifications of trending news for your domains or topics. The presets you create will serve content to your inbox based on the filters and conditions selected when you create the preset. If you prefer, we can find the keywords for you, simply enter your blog domain (or a site you like) into the keyword manager and we will generate keyword suggestions for you based on your input.

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2. Discover content, use the “Press” button to Instantly curate or aggregate the discovered content to your Wordpress, Medium, Tumblr or html blogs. The press button also allows for easy sharing of the existing source URL. Both options (curate or share) allow you to then take the content directly to your content scheduling platform (Buffer, Hootsuite, IFTTT, Zapier, Pushwoosh or an API integration).

3. Create , aggregate, curate, or share. Begin the process from any button with lighting symbol button

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Your “Pressed” content will be logged on the press page with scheduling information and history. Additionally you can use the press page to recycle past content and curations.

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You can also start a new curation or add any existing URL to your press page content - Simply paste the url into the press input box and continue the press flow. If I detect a domain I do not track, I will automatically add it to my queue.

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Instead of adding to the noise, you’ll be creating and sharing fresh content your audience cares about. That means more traffic and more customers for you and your clients. And yes, maybe even a media empire...

So we built it.

The Almighty.Press ®™ Almighty.Force™ system discovers trending content before it’s actually trending (niche topics included)

That’s a bold claim that demands an explanation, so let’s dig in... Think of a topic or keyword your content strategy depends on. Got it?

Our engine scours the internet in real time, finds the content that has been published for your topic or keyword, and gives each piece an Almighty Force score (a score of viral potential).

Unlike other trend tracking sites, the Almighty.Force score goes beyond tallying up total shares and engagement. While useful, this only tells you what WAS popular in the past.

And unlike Google News or other feed tracking software you use, it just tells you what’s new, leaving you to guess whether it’s relevant.

Instead, our algorithm looks at engagement over certain time frames for each article, it then compares current engagement performance with the historical performance of all other similar articles from that source.

That’s a mouthful, so here’s an example…

Let’s say CNN publishes a new article about Donald Trump. If it gets five shares within 30-minutes of being published, it’s probably not the most important thing being published about Trump right now. So, it would receive a low Almighty Force score (i.e. low viral potential).

Our algorithms know this because it compares engagement with this Trump article over a 30-minute period to thousands of other historical articles from CNN. This enables you to have an equilized view of all the news in real time. If an article has a high Almighty.Force viral potential it is not simply because the media outlet has large distribution, it’ is because the article is performing outside of expectations.

For a small niche site, an article with five shares within 30-minutes of being published might be significant. In this case, the same five shares would earn this piece a high Almighty.Force score (i.e. high viral potential).

This AI driven sensitivity to an article’s topic, source, AND engagement velocity is our secret sauce...

Yes, lightning bolt Almighty.Force changes everything about content discovery, but we don’t stop there

You can share content across social media platforms, curate articles, track performance and more — all inside Almighty.Press.

This is what you can do...

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Have only the best content hit your inbox

Imagine waking up each morning to an email that contains links to the content in your niche with the most viral potential. When you create notifications based on keywords, domain names, and other criteria — the best content finds you for a change.

Be THE trusted source for new info

Connect social media scheduling apps like Buffer and HootSuite without writing any code.

Now when you spot content with high viral potential, you can share and schedule posts across multiple social media accounts inside Almighty.Press.

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Curate good content without juggling tools and code

Click an article and you’ll see the article’s contents in a text editor, along with related articles and social media content. Once you decide to press the article you can drag and drop related articles, images, videos, and social embeds into place from in the sidebar or curate detail view.

This means you can mix and match content from a number of articles, add your own voice, and publish to Wordpress, Medium, and more – all without leaving Almighty.Press.

Keep an up-to-date content log

When your content log lives in the same place your team discovers and curates content — keeping it up to date is easy.

For every article your team selects, you’ll see where it was shared, where and when it’s scheduled for sharing, who has made edits to a curated piece, and more.

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almighty press tracking features

Track content performance and competitors

Create targeted dashboards for topics and keywords, domains, clients, and even your competitors.

At a glance, you’ll see the top content in your niche, what your favorite sources are publishing, how campaigns are performing, and your competitors’ every move.

Here's your tldr

green lightning bolt Our algorithm helps you spot trending content before it’s trending

( so that you aren’t left guessing based on what was popular in the past and what’s new )

green lightning bolt Custom newsfeed presets ensure the content you care about most bubbles to the top

( we find content for your keywords or we can build keyword clouds for you based on sites you follow. No more wasting time searching multiple sites )

green lightning bolt Email notifications tell you which articles in your niche have high viral potential

( so that you can wake up each morning knowing where to focus )

green lightning bolt Integrations with social media scheduling apps make it easy to share and schedule posts

( so that you can fill your feed with the best content every single day )

green lightning bolt Built-in content curation and creation means you publish your own content faster and with fewer apps

( so that you don’t have to switch between or pay for multiple tools )

green lightning bolt Customizable dashboards make it easy to track all things content

( so that you always know how you, your clients, and your competitors are performing )

green lightning bolt Basically, it’s content strategy, discovery, curation, creation, planning, and tracking in one place

(i.e. More power. Move faster. Fewer tools. )

The good news? Everything is included.

Unlimited functionality. (i.e. you get unlimited filters, search presets, historical results, scheduling, and article curations) and it’s affordable (from $27/month).


Will Almighty.Press work for my small niche?

Absolutely. Remember, our algorithm compares like with like. If you’re in a small niche, trending articles in your niche won’t get buried beneath mainstream news. Whatever is important to you and your audience finds its way to the top.

How is the Almighty.Force score different from total engagement?

You’re probably familiar with tools like Buzzsumo — software that lets you identify the content that was shared the most in the past. The idea is that if something was popular before, maybe it will be popular again. We think this is a good start, but we can do better. The Almighty Force score helps you identify content that WILL trend in your niche. Rather than tallying up total engagement so you can see what trended a year ago, our algorithm detects whether X shares over Y time suggests high viral potential for content in your niche. It can be the difference between being a “me too” company or a trend setter.

Which integrations are supported?

For social sharing and scheduling, you can connect your Buffer, HootSuite, Zapier, IFTTT, or use our API. For content curation and creation, you can post to Wordpress, Medium, and Tumblr. And you can get creative by leveraging our API or converting your content to HTML.

If I switch to Almighty.Press today, which tools can I stop paying for?

This really depends on how attached you are to the tools you use today. You can find, share, curate, create, plan, analyze and monitor your content in Almighty.Press. So, you can save money by cutting the cord with quite a few tools if you’d like.

If I start out paying monthly ($47/month), can I upgrade to an annual subscription ($27/month billed annually) once I see the value?

Of course! Let’s say you use Almighty.Press for two months, you’re loving it, and now you want to switch to an annual plan to save money. After your second month is up, you’d pay the discounted annual rate of $324 (save 43%) and then you wouldn’t need to worry about paying again for a year.

If I get started today, what happens if I decide this isn’t for me?

We get it. Almighty.Press isn’t more of the same — it’s a new tool in the content marketer’s toolbox. New is exciting, but it can also feel a little risky. You want the excitement without the risk. So take Almighty.Press for a spin today. If you decide it’s not for you, or if you’re not using it enough to justify the price, let us know within 30-days of subscribing and we’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.